Peter Griffin

Peter Griffin is one of the most diabolical animated characters. He belongs to the series “family guy”. It is an American sitcom which was created by Seth MacFarlen. This series is a sitcom presenting the lives of a family and its members. Peter happens to be the father of Chris, Meg and Stewie , his spouse is Lois.  In the series he is bought to life by the voice of Seth MacFarlen himself. He was first ever aired on television in the year 1998 and has been winning hearts since. He is a very special character to our childhood memories and the show too, since he was designed and created by the creator of the show himself. 

Peter Griffin’s full name is Peter Löwenbräu Griffin Sr. He is the protagonist of the show. Peter is a Mexican Roman catholic islamish. He has experience in brewer shipping since he has worked as a clerk there. He also has been a former employees as a safety inspector in the toy company named Happy- go- lucky. Peter is a compassionate person and that would explain how he has his best friend Brian, his pet. 

Peter Griffin

Peter Griffin Touch To Have

Peter Griffin is an obese guy who has a blue-collar job. he is about 42 years old. He has experience working in many fields, even as a fisherman once. He has pale peachy skin and short brown hair with green eyes. Peter wears a white shirt pairing those with a pair of green pants with a black which has a golden buckle on it. He wears brown shoes with white socks to complete his attire. He has an accent dominated by Rhode island and Massachusetts. An interesting thing about him is that he is an illegitimate son of Thelma Griffin and Mickey McFinnigan, though he was raised by his step father. 

 As far as the role of him goes on the show, he can come off as an antagonist late in the show and an anti- hero formerly. He quite many times spoils things with his stupidity, as he’s IQ as per data is 70; but he also does it deliberately to better himself. His father was a bully and so is his sister Karen. His behaviour can thus be inferred as something inherent.

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Peter is lethargic, arrogant and rude. He is also a little obnoxious and short- tempered. He often causes a lot of trouble for people around him because of his egoistic nature. Peter can also be said to be on the verge of alcoholism and drug addiction, thus in terms of decency and elegance he cannot hold his place. One can also make their inferences from how he treats his wife Lois. He often has been ignorant and disrespectful to her.

Peter took her for granted. He is a hypocrite too, he is constantly picking on others for their actions and doings but never realizes what he does. Peter is often abusive about his family. His kids don’t like him because of what he does. He is very inconsiderate about his childrens feelings and had openly admitted that if they had to leave a child behind, he would leave Meg behind. He is also atrocious and manipulative. 

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