With influencers pulling off cardigan styles, it might be time for you to give this fashion a shot. Indeed, cardigans have long been perceived as grandma-style, but recently this has become a fashion statement as the cardigan sale shoots up. You can wear cardigans with different pieces of clothing and accessories. Moreover, the cardigans available recently can be worn on warmer days too. Are you looking for ideas to style your cozy grandma-style cardigan? You’re at the right place. Read this post! 

Types of Cardigans

Just like any other piece of clothing, you can find cardigans in several styles and types too. Besides, you will find many types and can style them differently. The section below comprehensively discusses the different types of cardigans. So if you’d like to learn more about cardigans, continue reading here.

Shawl Collar Cardigan

One of such unique-collared cardigans is the shawl collar cardigan. The best way to wear this cardigan type is to style it in casual attire with a plain T-shirt and jeans. You can also wear the shawl collar cardigan and up the ante with leather pants and a black roll neck. Not sure which season is this cardigan best worn? You can wear this versatile fit in almost every season. 

Button-Up Cardigan

A button-up cardigan brings you back to the classics. This timeless piece can help you rock a traditional look or a modern spin. Hence, it belongs in every wardrobe! To style this masterpiece, you can wear it as a top with your favorite pair of jeans. Alternatively, layer the button-up cardigan with shirts or roll-necks and skirts. Voila! Your autumn ensemble is ready. 

Short-Sleeved Cardigan

The idea of cardigans being for only colder months is left behind long back! Now, you can style your cardigan regardless of the season. Short-sleeved cardigans bring a dainty charm. If you’re bored of the same old summer dress fashion, stir up the trends and choose a short-sleeved cardigan! Keep the fit flirty with a pair of mom jeans and a sling bag. Bob’s your uncle! You can wear it for a movie date or café-hopping. 

Cropped Cardigan

Steal Bella Hadid’s style by buttoning up the cropped cardigan and throwing it above a pair of straight-leg jeans. Cropped cardigans go well with a pencil skirt and high-waisted palazzo pants with a tucked-in button-down jumper. Lastly, do not forget the end touch – sneakers. These cardigans are the best ways to spice up your wardrobe and look chic. You can buy this cardigan on sale from any shop.

Wrap Cardigan

Ideal for chill weather, the wrap cardigan is a timeless option for winter outwear. You can choose to wear long-line knitwear or a cropped sweater. Either way, you can pull off excellent winter wear and keep the cold at bay. 


Why buy an off-shoulder top when you can simply turn your loose cardigan into one? Let the cardigan loose and pull them from your shoulders, and there you go! Style this fit with a slit skirt or boyfriend jeans. 

Evening Dress

Ditch the leather jacket and throw on an oversized cardigan. Let one of the sleeves fall off your shoulders nonchalantly. 

Mid-Length Knit

The mid-length knit cardigan looks extravagant. Besides, you can easily pull it off with a pair of straight-leg jeans and a messy bun. 

Skirt, Boots, and Belt

Does the event demand formal attire? Wear your mid-length cardigan with a belt and skirt. Don’t forget those boots to glam up the outfit. 


Cardigans have been flooding the market in an array of different forms and styles. The sweater market has been booming, and the global sales have reached 104.8 billion US Dollars. Further, the cardigan sale has a massive contribution to this figure. If you want to delve into the new cardigan trend, too, shop the latest styles available at online and local stores!

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By Vivek