Prince Philip Meme

Prince Philip born as the Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark, and He was a member of the British royal family. He is also the Duke of the Edinburgh. Prince Philip was born in 1920 1 and he was a highly decorated member of the family, and he was the longest living male in the history of that royal family. Because of his elderly appearance people started making several jokes on him.

History Of The Prince Philip: Meme

Prince Philip was born in Greece as the Prince of the Denmark and Greece on 10th June 1921.Prince Philip family was exiled from Greece shortly after his birth and also after serving in the World War second. He got married to the daughter of George VI the eventual Queen, Elizabeth II. Shortly before his 1947 wedding he was named as the Duke of Edinburgh and was also given the title of British Prince in 1957. Prince Philip had decorated a military service and oversaw the hundreds of charities in his 60 plus years of service in the huge royal family before retiring at the age of 96 in 2017. On 9th April 2021 Prince Philip died at the Windsor castle.

Prince Philip Meme:

Prince Philip leaving the hospital image has become a meme series based on a photograph of the 98-year-old Prince Philip who is the Duke of Edinburgh sitting in a car. On 24th December 2019 the Daily Mirror has reported that Prince Philip has been discharged from the hospital. The Daily Mirror and the other social medias and channels outlets had published photographs and they also tweeted the story and see more than 19,000 likes. and 3,900 retweets. From that day only people started began mocking the photographs of the Prince Philip in which he is returning from the hospital and sitting in the car add Twitter user retweeted on the Daily Mirror Twitter account and route that’ this man is already dead, they just defrosted him and put him in the front seat of the car’. Prince Phillips controversial image is leading all over the social media and widespread celebration of the news. In fact, social media is full of memes and mocking the prince legacy and making joke about his death.

Prince Philip Meme

Here are some of the few examples of the meme that people are made on Prince Philip by mocking him after his death also have a look on that meme. People are making fun of Philips age overlapping with the earlier joke about his elderly appearance in the recent month:

Some Memes

  • Prince Philip at age 99

Aang at 112

  • Prince Philip dies at the age of 99, because he could have been never kept it 100.
  • ‘Mum have you bitten?’ …… No but prince Philip has.
  • This Man Prince Philip has died, they just defrosted and put it him in the front seat of the car.
  • Prince Philip young age photo: The bananas when I buy .Prince Philips old age photo:  The bananas in the next morning.
  • Prince Philip looks at 99

Cher looks at 134

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