Cake smashing is a beautiful tradition on the first birthday of a baby. The child smashes the cake, and adorable pictures are taken to be cherished for a lifetime. There are professional smash cake photographers who take amazing photos. However, like any other photography, cake smash photography in Melbourne also needs some planning. 

Here’s a look at some tips that will help get the best shots during the cake smash:

  • Plan a longer shoot

With baby photoshoots, it is better to have some spare time. It is unrealistic to expect the shoot to complete in a stipulated time. Expect the shoot to continue for at least 2 hours. The actual shooting might take less time, but babies can behave unexpectedly. Keep some time in hand for feeding and changing the baby. It might take some time for babies to give the expressions you need.

  • Prioritise the basic shots

Ask the photographer to take some basic shots before the cake smash begins. The cake smash will make the props, clothes, and surfaces messy. Also, you never know if the baby will get cranky. Therefore, take lovely family portraits when everything is clean and tidy.

  • Choose a sturdy surface for the cake

It is essential to ensure that the cake doesn’t fall. Thus, it would help if you kept it on a sturdier surface. You can also place it on the floor and tape it. When using a cake holder, see that it’s not very light and flimsy. You can tape the cake bottom to the cake holder to keep it steady.

  • Take pictures from different angles

Ask the photographer to take the pictures from different angles. This will help show off the cake from above, the bottom, and the sides. Also, take close-up shots of the cake to magnify the details. Taking these shots before the cake smash takes place will help. 

  • Use simple lights

The cake smash photographs look more appealing with natural lights. It also helps in eliminating one thing from the list that stresses you. You won’t have to worry about lighting arrangements. Just consider shadow and the right positioning for the best pictures in natural lighting. Just a diffused flash or an umbrella can help.

  • Add a theme

Adding a theme to the cake smash photography can enhance its appeal. It can also add some character to the shoot. Balloons, banners, and other props can be used as a part of your theme. There are different types of themes for boys and girls. Some common themes to choose from are sports themes, nature themes, and TV show themes. Cartoon character themes and colour-based themes are also popular for cake smash photoshoots. 

  • Close-up shots 

Apart from capturing the whole baby in the pictures, you should also add some variety. Take close-up shots of the baby’s feet and hands. Such images will make a fantastic addition to the cake smash album. They are also perfect clicks for blogs, social media posts and stories. 

  • Allow the baby to have fun

While the photoshoot is essential, your baby’s comfort is most important! Allow the baby to have fun instead of running after the perfect shots. Also, take a break during the shoots if the baby seems hungry or cranky.

The cake smash is a fun and memorable moment for the family. Make sure you follow the tips mentioned above. Also, choose reliable professionals for cake smash photography in Melbourne for the perfect clicks that last a lifetime. Don’t wait! Make your baby’s day special this birthday!

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By Grace