Are planning a trip to Dubai and wish to go yachting on the Dubai Marina? The beauty, bliss and calmness of the Dubai Marina has a charm of its own. Away from the crowd and bustle of the city, opting for a yacht for rent in Dubai is the best way to have a relaxing getaway. To have the best experience on a yacht in Dubai, it is important to be aware of the things to look forward to. To know more about yacht rental in Dubai, give this article a read. 

What are the Things to Consider For Yacht Rental in Dubai?

Yachting in Dubai is a lifetime experience that should not be missed. However, before opting to go for one, keep in mind the things mentioned below:

  • Carry Your Documents: For a yacht for rent in Dubai, tourists need to provide their ID proof, passport and visa. Failure to produce all required documents may result in the cancellation of your trip. Keep all documents handy to complete all formalities with ease.
  • Shoes Not Allowed Inside: The yacht interiors are well maintained to keep up with their standards of cleanliness and hygiene. It is advisable to go barefoot or wear yacht-friendly footwear inside the yacht. 
  • Book in Advance for Affordable Deals: Yachts for rent in Dubai are available for advance booking. Prior booking allows you to enjoy attractive deals and discounts too. 
  • You Can Carry Your Food:  Although there are chargeable food options available on request of the guests, you are allowed to carry your personal food as well. Try opting for the dry ones to avoid any hassle in unpacking or eating them.
  • Follow Yacht Etiquettes: From keeping the interiors clean to treating the crew with respect, you must keep their yacht etiquettes intact. It is utmost important to maintain your code of conduct all throughout their trip. 
  • Safety Measures: The safety of all the guests are highly prioritized on a yacht for rent in Dubai. The crew members are well trained to maintain the safety of the passengers. There are safety vests and other equipment as well that are kept handy onboard.
  • Host a Party:  Yachts in Dubai have emerged as exotic locations to host small parties or gatherings. Do check if your guestlist aligns with the capacity of the yacht.
  • All Fishing Equipment Provided: If you wish to go Dubai deep sea fishing, access all the required equipment or gears for any water activity from the concerned yacht company. However, prior reservations are recommended to avoid any last minute hassle. 
  • Functional Kitchen Onboard:  A well-equipped kitchen with a professional chef is available onboard to serve you freshly cooked meals. But if you have any special dietary requirements, consider informing the crew beforehand. From local to continental to fresh seafood, you can order a variety of dishes from the menu of a yacht rental in Dubai. All the food served on board is payable.

Whether you wish to go Dubai deep sea fishing or simply sit and enjoy the views, so along with Dubai you can also opt for yacht rental Abu Dhabi or Monaco and it must be on your wishlist. To access the best yachts in Dubai at attractive deals, check out OneClickDrive, an exclusive platform for car and yacht rental in the UAE.

By Grace