Usually, when it comes to vacation, even in winter – everyone starts talking about warm lands. But you can get comfort and pleasure not only from summer, but also from winter entertainment. In this article we will consider some of the best winter destinations in our subjective opinion for a vacation in the coming winter.

Before we start looking at destinations, we want to give you a bonus tip: before you fly on vacation, it is important to plan everything in advance, such as transportation, to completely insulate yourself from all the organizational problems and issues, you can take a transfer from the airport ( in advance and know exactly how much and what you are paying for. Now let’s get to the countries.


We advise you to go to the country of Santa Claus! Here is just gorgeous nature and a lot of high-class resorts. For example, Oy Levi Ski Resort is famous for its wide variety of slopes, different levels of difficulty and incredible landscapes of Lapland. 

Among other things you can go snowmobiling, watch the northern lights, ice skating and much more. One of the most special activities the hotel has to offer is a reindeer safari. In this small journey you will get to know the traditions of reindeer herders, there will be a perfect view of nature, acquaintance with local animals and actually driving the sledge itself (there will be instructors).


This is another popular country that also deserves high ratings, but their cost can be quite high. However, in winter, you can find great deals and choose an affordable vacation in this country. Switzerland is famous not only for its stunning winter resorts, but also for the highest level of service. Especially worth noting is the transportation, which always arrives exactly on time. Service in hotels and inns is always at the highest level. And, of course, this country has plenty of impressive entertainment. First of all, these are ski resorts with cozy lodges and excellent infrastructure.

We advise you to ski resort St Moritz, there is a very large variety of steep slopes and also this place is notable for the fact that it often holds world competitions.


Italy is usually talked about when we talk about summer vacations, but this country is also perfect for winter fun. This country also offers many cool resorts with snowy slopes and Courmayeur is one of them. It is the largest ski resort in Italy and has the most activities. It is suitable for both professional skiers and families. This is the place where you will find harmony, where you will be able to keep the balance between cold professionalism and warm and cozy atmosphere.


France offers great opportunities for winter vacations. The resort of Chamonix in the French Alps attracts with its variety of slopes and cultural events. It is a place for both experienced skiers and beginners. The sense of grandeur of the mountains inspires and creates a unique atmosphere, and a variety of events give the trip a bright flavor. Courchevel, on the other hand, in the Three Valleys, impresses with its scale and variety of pistes, offering a huge number of opportunities for active and cultural recreation.

Also, if you want a more varied vacation, you can book a dog sled ride, you will be led by 4 to 12 dogs, then you get into the sled and the atmosphere of the winter forest increases your mood a million times and you enjoy the ride. And the last, and probably the most expensive entertainment in this list is a helicopter flight over the majestic Alps. Here you don’t even need to explain why it is very cool, just try this entertainment if you have the opportunity and you will understand everything.


Rounding out our list is this beautiful country that will give you a cool vacation experience. Austrian mountain resorts such as Sölden and Ischgl offer unique opportunities for winter vacations. Sölden offers extensive slopes and a variety of pistes, and is suitable for beginners and experienced skiers alike. Ischgl, located in the Tyrolean Alps, is known for its modern elevators and varied pistes, making it attractive for those who appreciate comfort and quality skiing.

By Grace