Keeping up with food sachet packaging trends matters, especially if you want to expand your customer base. Creating seasonal containers is an excellent way to draw the eye and show consumers you care about their perceptions. To stay ahead of the competition, keep the following trends in mind as you design new packaging.

Packaging Solutions To Protect Your Product

The number one purpose of packaging is to protect the contents during transport and storage. To that end, you should consider highly durable and versatile materials.

Mylar is one such option, as it’s puncture- and moisture-resistant and minimizes exposure to oxygen. You can even choose an opaque film to shield products from light.

You may wonder what to store in mylar bags. The answer is nearly any dry, low-fat food:

  • Salt
  • Rolled oats
  • Black-eyed peas
  • Quinoa
  • Roasted coffee beans

Proper storage extends shelf life, a fact your customers will appreciate. You can even design mylar bags to withstand the freezer, allowing consumers to keep food fresh even longer.

Summer Design Trends To Attract Customers

Summer is a time of fun, warmth and color. Many brands embrace the season with traditional imagery:

  • Vacations
  • Beaches
  • Camping
  • Pools

However, these themes are often overdone, so they won’t help your products stand out on shelves. Instead, you should look at more recent trends that embody summer without veering into cliche territory.

Textured Materials

Texture adds another dimension to packaging, especially when it correlates with branding. For example, raw paper is a good fit if you emphasize sustainability, as it doesn’t contain dyes. Consumers can also see and feel the fibers, reminding them that the material comes from living trees, thereby connecting your brand to nature. Finally, the uneven surface means every printed label will be unique.

Textured fabric is another excellent option. If you choose organic fibers, consumers can recycle, compost or reuse the containers, cementing your image as a green company.

Minimalist Themes

The packaging industry tends to cycle between intricate patterns and clean lines. In 2023, minimalism is back in style. The beauty of this trend is that it allows you to focus on a handful of elements:

  • Color
  • Typography
  • Value
  • Line
  • Texture

Conveying your message with limited tools is an art; the resulting impact can be powerful. Consumers also appreciate clutter-free labels that put important information at the forefront.

Neon Colors

Many people associate summer with bright colors: ripe seasonal fruits, blooming exotic flowers and cute bathing suits are all commonplace. This year, neon is in vogue, creating new opportunities to stand out.

If you want to take your palette to the next level, consider color blocking. Curving shapes of contrasting hues are in this summer — a visual experts consider distinctly “earthy.” This trend is quite broad, giving you plenty of room to experiment.

From printed stand up pouches to single-serving tubes, there are endless ways to offer consumers value through packaging. The key is choosing a design that complements your product and branding. Cohesive containers make a fantastic first impression and stick with your audience long after they’ve left the supermarket.

By Grace