Gift-giving provides a special feeling not only to the person receiving the presents but also to the giver. So the gift wrapping is as important as te gift itself. After you have found the perfect gift, you now have to prepare them and wrap them thoughtfully so that the other person would appreciate it.

In this article, I will provide you with 6 DIY thoughtful and creative gift wrap ideas that’ll put your concerns away about the subject matter.

1. Classic Monochrome Idea

The classic monochrome idea is the perfect gift wrap option if you are going to present your gift to a man. The monochrome tone emits a sense of masculinity and style. In addition, the tiny white strip balances the strong dark colors of the box present.

2. Printed Gift Wrap Delight Idea

The printed gift wraps you find in your local convenience store are not all that awful. However, you have to carefully select the gift wraps to make sure it will be appreciated by the person you’re going to present the gift to. In addition, you also have to be conscious of the laces and make sure that they complement each other.

3. Simple Paper Bag Embellished with Trinkets

Another method you can add a personal touch to your gift wraps is by embellishing them with trinkets such as 3D stickers, leaves, or a small piece of branch. Also, using them on simple paper bags and string provides a minimalistic style yet chic and generally pleasing appeal.

4. Fabric Cotton Gift Wrap

Aside from the content of the presents, most people tend to overthink when it comes to gift wraps, right? You can basically choose simple materials like an unused piece of clothes you will find in your home. 

You can basically go for any colors you like, but it would be a better idea if you select the recipients’ favorite colors. In addition, this is the same case with the ribbon as well. However, you have to be sure that it will blend perfectly with the tone of the gift wrap.

5. Gift Bags with A Greeting Card

There’s nothing wrong with buying a gift bag in your local arts and crafts store or convenience store if you don’t have the time for gift wrapping but want to make an impression. The thing here is that you have to buy gift bags in a plain color, but if you would like to purchase the printed ones, then you have to make sure that it has minimal designs.

If you are not sure what to opt for, you can opt for custom gift bags. In addition, you can add a greeting card. To make it more personal, you can place a short but thoughtful letter.

6. Shaped Boxes Gift Wrap Idea

Another thing here is you can make your gift wraps less boring yet simple by buying gift boxes of various shapes and sizes. The design of the present wrap is your typical gift wrap. You only have to be certain that the colors of the box and ribbon matches just perfectly.


You really don’t have to overthink the gift wraps of the recipients’ presents. As long as it is prepared thoughtfully, then I am sure that the person who is going to receive it will greatly appreciate it.

But it is highly suggested that you go for a common theme with your gift wrapping. The theme you’re going for should best represent your relationship or friendship with them. In any case—what matters the most is the content of the presents, not just the gift wrappers.

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By Grace