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March Nails: Introduction

Pale pinks will always have a place when the weather warms up, but why not try some unexpected spring nails? Whether you’re going to the salon or doing your nails at home, Instagram is full of inspiration. Yes, there are many lovely pastel variations.

But be prepared for nail trends that are pure entertainment. Consider bright rainbow colours, playful flower nail art, and unusual patterns like clouds and cow print.

Are you a purist? Not to worry, we have suggestions for you as well. The French manicure isn’t going away, and if you’d rather paint your own nails? Mismatched nail art, the simplest nail art to make, is very popular. Continue reading to see some of our favourite spring nails to try right now.\

March Nails: Creative Looks

French Hints

Nostalgia for the early 2000s will persist in 2022. Give your high school favourite a modern twist by making it rounded rather than square.

A dash of glitz

Tired of your gradient mani but don’t want to try any other nail art? Use a glittery polish like Olive & June’s Exclamation Point to add a pop of colour.

Olives, fresh

For a more sophisticated—but still eye-catching—take on last year’s slime, try a muted olive.

Mismatched Hearts Make negative-space hearts even cooler by using a different colour on each hand. Make your own by painting a heart-shaped sticker on each nail and peeling it off once the polish has dried.

French with a Rainbow

Begin with a French manicure and add a different colour tip to each finger for the perfect minimalist nail art.

Screen Dividers

You can’t decide on just one colour? Put them all on!

Nails from a Crayon Box

A Skittles manicure with mostly primary colours feels surprisingly fresh and modern, with just a hint of brown to keep it from veering into preschool territory.

Flowers that are realistic

Ornate blooms on bare nails appear to be works of art.

Sleek Silver Pro Tip: For maximum impact, match your rings to your nails.

The icing on the cake

This manicure is almost too adorable to handle. And ideal in the dead of winter when you just want it to be spring.

March Nails

Magical Touch To Love

Candy Corn

The sweetness of sorbet shades is cut by modern colour blocking.


A double French tip in spring colours like mint and lilac is ideal for preparing for sunny days ahead.

Greige is understated.

If you think spring nail designs are too cute, try an unexpected neutral shade instead.

Beautiful Blossoms

This flower art is simple to make—just use the end of a bobby pin to make the perfect dots.

Flowers in the Spring

Combine the retro floral and mismatched nail trends for the coolest spring manicure ever. To make the daisies, simply dip the end of a bobby pin into your rainbow of polishes.

Pastel Suggestions

Try tips in contrasting pastels for a super-springy update on a French manicure.

Daisy Rainbow

Combine French tips, a rainbow of colours, and dainty daisies for the most spring-ready manicure you can imagine.

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