Toys aren’t just something your baby would play with and enjoy themselves. In fact, studies have shown that toys are also an important part of the development of the infant’s young mind.

And if you are indeed looking for the best toys for babies that they can enjoy and aid their development in the process, then you’d be glad to know that the article I have prepared for today is specially written just for you! So without further delays, let’s begin…

Toys for 0 to 6 Month Infants

The suitable toys for newborn infants to 6 months are something that can stimulate their senses, such as touch, hearing, and vision. Newborn infants are basically curious and see everything with great wonder and curiosity.

With this being said—the proper toys for babies within this age group are as follows—

  • Something that they can interact with through their eyes is a large book with colorful illustrations
  • For something that they can interact with through their sense of touch includes rattlers, teething toys, squeeze toys, and soft dolls with no loose parts
  • Something that they can interact with through their ears is audio records of lullabies and nursery rhymes

Toys for 7 to 12 Month Infants

At this point, the mind of the infant is starting to become more developed. Their senses are beginning to become finer and discern things. In addition, they now recognize their names and react to what their senses grasp.

Therefore, the suitable toys for infants under this age group are as follows—

  • Toys that allow them to build include large soft blocks and wooden boxes
  • Toys that they can drop and take around, such as nesting toys and soft balls
  • Toys that physically challenge them, such as push and pull toys
  • Toys that allow them to pretend, which include puppets, baby dolls, and BPA-approved plastic and wooden toys

Toys for 1-Year-Old Infants

1-year-old infants are now highly active and curious. They like to explore places and play constantly. It is now under this age that they can respond to things and understand the menial things you provide them. 

In addition, you now have to be extra careful in supervising them because 1-year-old infants like to experiment.

With this being said—the more age-appropriate toys for them include—

  • Books with large illustrations and photographs
  • Audio recordings that include nursery rhymes, lullabies, and simple stories
  • Things that challenge them mentally and stimulate their creativity such as non-toxic crayons, pencil and paper, and washable color markers
  • Toys that allow them to build like cardboards and wooden cubes
  • Toys that allow them to pretend, such as dolls, cooking toys, phone toys, and custom plush toys
  • Things that enhance their cognitive capabilities like puzzles and large pegboards

Toys for 2-Year-Olds

At this point, the baby is now referred to as a toddler. At this point, they can now speak and adapt to the language of their parents and the environment they were raised. They are still highly experimental, which requires a significant amount of supervision.

The appropriate toys for toddlers include the following—

  • Nursery videos or audio recordings
  • Large illustration books with a simple alphabet
  • Puzzles and wood blocks that would help their cognitive development
  • Non-toxic crayons and watercolors


The thing you have to take note of about infant toys is that they are relatively simple, as you have seen in this article. The key point is that the toy allows the infant to stimulate their basic senses, such as hearing, vision, and touch. It also matters that it helps their cognitive capability as they develop all throughout.

The list in this article is just some recommendations you can pattern to whenever you are shopping for toys for your adorable babies.

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By Grace