If you are particularly fond of Velcro patches and collect them as a hobby, then you’d be excited to know that the article I have prepared for today will especially cover the subject matter.

In this article, I will provide you with a list of creative ideas on how you can proudly display your treasured Velcro patches without looking corny or anything like that.

1. Bags or Backpacks

Of course, we need to talk about the most commonplace people who attach their Velcro patches, and that is their backpacks or any hand-carry bags. However, you have to be certain that the bags you are going to use are made of fabric like cotton or polyester.

Genuine leather or synthetic leather is apparently not a good option because it will damage the layers of the bag, which will result in peeling and making it essentially unattractive.

2. Velcro Patch Albums

You may also consider purchasing a patch album or organizers if they are sentimental or signifies special meaning to you. Of course, this should also be the case if you don’t mind putting them on as well. 

You can bring them out whenever you have visitors and you what to show off your collection of special edition or rare Velcro patches.

3. Canvass Display

Another way you can show off your Velcro patches is by prominently displaying them on a canvas. The great thing about them is that they can also be a good art piece or a conversation starter whenever you have guests in your home or apartment.

There’s a special type of canvas display for patches. They are basically made of fabric that you can sew or attach if they are Velcro patches.

4. Jackets

Another way patch hobbyist do to display their collection is by attaching them to their clothing, and most popularly are jackets or denim or bomber jackets.

However, you have to be careful whenever you are considering putting them on your clothing. And this is because overdoing it may look cluttered and generally not pleasing to look at.

5. Baseball Cap

Are you an aficionado of caps? If so, then you may want to upsize your style by placing Velcro patches onto it. Another advantage of patches is that it allows you to change designs without actually wearing another baseball cap.

Similar to jackets, it is advisable not to overdo or attach as many patches as you like. In reality, one patch is actually enough to make a fashion statement. Again, you can freely spice up your style whenever you want it to since Velcro patches can be easily detached from the cap.

6. Shadow Box

A shadow box is similar to a canvas display. The only difference between a shadow box is that it has a glass cover and wooden frames, and you can display them hanging on your walls.

Again, if you are a sentimental person and would like to preserve the quality of your Velcro patches, you can store them inside a shadow box and put them up in your living home area, perhaps.

They are a great use of your Velcro patches, especially if they add style to the interior design of the specific room. Again, patches can be good conversation starters since each emblem represents a different story.


Velcro patches don’t particularly have a specific function if you ask me. However, the different emblems and designs are a great way to express yourself to the people around you whenever you are out in public. But to make it more personal, you can turn custom velcro patch allows you to be more creative.

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By Grace